Great Wolf Lodge


Last week my family celebrated Julieta’s birthday at Great Wolf lodge!  She is turning four later this month but we celebrated early.  We saw a great deal on Groupon and decided the timing was perfect!  We picked a date close to Halloween and I’m so excited that we did!!!  I’m sure they always have a fun filled schedule of activities, but going during Halloween was special.  Everything was decorated spooky, from their stage to a HUGE hanging spider!  (I bet they do a great job decorating for Christmas too!) 

I almost felt like we were on a cruise (minus the constant swaying of water). There was always something to do; story time, costume parade, dance party,  trick-o-treating, video arcade, a spa for little girls, and of course the indoor swimming park!  My girls are five and three (almost four) and they enjoyed all the activities.  The only thing we didn’t do was the MagiQuest, it was catered for older kids (my girls were scared of it).

The rooms were a good size for a family of four.  It would have been nice to stay for two nights because there was so much to do.  But if we were to stay for two nights, we’d leave the Lodge to eat in the surrounding restaurants. 

During this stay we dined at, Lodge Wood Fire Grill and enjoyed the food.  We wished we would have gotten breakfast at their Starbucks, but we gave into their Character Breakfast.  Only two out of the six characters showed up.  There wasn’t anything special from the breakfast spread, and it was ridiculously overpriced!  Later in the day we took a break from swimming to eat some pizza in a small restaurant near the pool, then we jumped back into swimming.   

My whole family loves swimming!  Chlorine is basically our perfume :) Thankfully  before we arrived my friend warned me about the strong smell of chlorine in their indoor swimming park. I’m glad she warned us about it.  We were prepared with Jade’s nasal spray, in case the long expose to pool irritated her (people that suffer with Asthma are sensitive to over exposure to chlorine). None of us were bothered by the smell of the pool but I thought I’d mention it, in case someone was sensitive to it.  We greatly enjoyed and maxed out our time at the pool!  My hubby and I even had some fun adult time and went down the big water slides (while my family watched our girls). 

All in all, we had a great time!!!  The girls keep talking about it and want to know when we are going back again.  They are anxious to do all their birthday celebrations there!