My Little Pumpkin


It was the love of capturing precious moments with Jade that helped my business bloom.  This season and Facebook memories really help me relive those moments.  Four years ago, I bought Jade lots of costumes to play with.  (Dress up is still one of her favorite activities!)  I wanted Jade’s creativity to soar!!! So naturally, I had to capture these moments!  Daily, I took Jade to a pumpkin patch and she was my model!  Of course, I bumbared Facebook with pictures of my little Jade.  What I didn’t realize was that people were watching.  A loving support group was forming on my social media.  I was learning a set of tools that in the next few days was going to bring our family some financial support.  I was about to enter a season of pain. In the next days I was going to learn that my pregnancy with Julieta was going to be labeled as a high risk pregnancy.   The grief, pain and financial implications were devastating.   But God in His goodness, grace, mercy and faithfulness was setting up a path for me!!!