Wedding at the Orchard


Alyssa and Randy captured my heart during their engagement session. Alyssa was so thoughtful! She really wanted the engagement session to be something that Randy enjoyed too. Since he's a Stars Wars fan, she made sure to include the famous quote, "I love you/ I know" into one of our pictures! That's when I knew everything about their wedding was going to be amazing, and it was!!!

There were hints of Star Wars all throughout the wedding!!! If you looked closely in her bouquet and his boutonniere you would see a Star War figurine. And Randy's chocolate groom's cake had a Millennium Falcon floating on top! The best part of the night was when the couple did their grand exit surrounded by lightsabers!    

Also, can all weddings be on a Friday?! YASSS Please!!! This is the way to kick off your weekend! I know that's what this couple and their friends did! The Orchard provides the perfect opportunity for this. The couple rented their cabins from Thursday to Saturday.  This was perfect because after the wedding rehearsal, they could enjoy uninterrupted time with family and friends! This also helped for a smooth transition for the wedding day. 

Alyssa had the most organized group of bridesmaids! Halley, the MOA from House of Tesla had all the bridesmaids on a schedule for makeup. The bridesmaids and bride were ready with plenty of time to take bridal party portraits before the wedding! --> This is always a HUGE time savor and allowed for more party time after the wedding! 

I’m so in loved with this couple and their sneak peek! I hope you love it too!!!


Venue: The Orchard

DJ:  FX Entertainment  • Hair: Hair by Jessie B  • Makeup: House of Tesla  • Photography: Judy Rodriguez  • Videography:  SpearRanch Multimedia