What To Do When Grieving?


Sometimes in life we are given tough times to walk through. We may never know why we had to live through those difficult moments. But it’s what we do with our brokenness that can propel us forward or leave us stagnate. My friend Peyton created something beautiful! She started, Gathering Hope. They provide a community and resources to women after pregnancy and infant loss.

It was an honor to capture these moments for them! I felt two things when I saw my friend leading this beautiful group of women. I was so stinkin proud of how she had gathered so many women to help embrace, comfort and lead!!! And I was equally thrown back because of all the grief shared in one room from losing a precious baby.

Only God can restore a wound and provide joy & peace where there was once so much grief. What should you do when grieving? Seek hope. Seeking God. All the other things will follow after you seek Him.

“Praise the name of the Lord our God, O praise His name forever more. For endless days we will sing your praise. Oh Lord, Oh Lord our God.” (Lyris from Hillsongs song: O Praise the Name)